Maps .. old and new
I play AC everyday almost. I am intrigued that some of the so called official maps are still around considering the vast improvements in maps of today.
Quite a few of the new maps show great texture and skilled use of layouts, yet none are recognised as official.
What makes a map official ?
Who decides that it is official ?
Why are maps like Shads Tripoli, Subjectives SB_sands (Very playable) not considered ?
When will the next generation of maps be used and called official.

I say this as it is quite notable that today there are trends in AC. Some are annoying to me. Like Towers and Minecraft, but saying that there is a great following for these maps or similar maps. I recognise that perhaps this is the way forward in order to attract new players by showing Minecraft variants, IDK and theres that Spiderman map. Ok its not really brilliant but with some help it could be, and it would be a great part to play in the compendium of maps.

But there again how come brilliant maps that are played often do not get official status.

Also would like to add try out Redda's new map HObbit ... it has to be one of the best maps this year
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this one great TOSOK map should be official as well, what was the name again? ah yeah HeadshotCityReloaded-v1.2

When's the iceroad1.2 becoming official?
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haha when is AC going to realize. nice maps nice AC.

But have to agree with you Marti headshotcity is a great map
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where can i download these maps?
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best person to ask is Iggy . Iguana as he seems to have a comprehensive storage of practically every map evermade.

Going back to official maps etc. What is the point of updating the game without the investment in maps to take advantage of it.

What if I bought a car that could drive over anything but then I just bought road tyres for it.

In my mind I see AC, if it came out of a box and I was looking on a shelf for a game to buy . I would look at what's being displayed. On the cover a colourful show of the maps that make it great. Like Hobbit, some of the minecraft variants. I think also Endgame done a stunning map last year.
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ac_archives should be official. as well as ac_rock. my 2c
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