Requesting help.
Hey guys,

Can someone let me know who owns the Moe's Tavern servers, I've been banned for some unspecified reason. I'm also banned from the TyD ladder servers. I've attached a screenshot of my problem.

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I don't know about Moe's reasons but i found this on TyD's BL // AndrewFeng .cO'|BlacK - Several cases over a long period of time of bad behaviour. Since 2009 - NEVER REMOVE THIS RANGE BAN - Vodafone NZ
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AndrewF was a really old troll, so maybe you can contact Pwnage who runs those servers. I'm sure he will help you out and remove it, hes on TyDs IRC a bit.
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feng strikes again
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jesus christ, feng would have been like 13 when he got that.
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