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hi, I am the Sergin, I'm a friend of lexus, and he asked me to post this here, and I agreed to help him, from now on it's all lexus's words:
Please, before thinking shit, read everything ok?
As you all know, I am the Lexus, everyone knows I'm in Central Blacklist (Permanent Blacklist)
Well, the last time I used hack was in 2013. I have other posts on the blacklist in 2014 (with feeh), I have not used anything in 2014 and 2015, I'm being sincere. I used very hack in 2012 and 2013, very much, but then I stopped there but I was continue to be poorly educated and poorly respond to all of you, being a child and stupid "it was one of the reasons to you guys continue hate me and remain blacklist" but since long ago that I do not repeat the same mistakes of my past on assault cube, I play inters every day with most people smoothly (thanks to all who play with me).
80-90% of competitive players play with me without problems, and the rest do not play because of my fame here in the forum. I am not more stupid and not using worse language on assault cube, I'm fine now, and who play with me know it. I recently the only bad thing I did was some things with the clan "BRC" I apologize for that. I do not want to have enemies in assault cube, okay? I want to be a normal player like you who are reading my text, I just want to join a clan, I just want to participate in tournaments and help my country in the ACWC, I just want to participate in this community and try to help in whatever I can. I'm not going to whine and be saying "please please please please," I am not lexus like of the few years. I just need to know if I can have one last chance, so I know I can play assault cube as a normal player, or will remain blacklist. I know some of you will say, "skirt" "you again" "hacker".

No, stop saying shit, if you do not play with me and not know me, just tell me your opinion, say in the comments if I deserve to leave the blacklist and have a last chance. I know of many players who have used hack in the past and now it's okay .. Luck is now =MyS= and have used hacker. Xenon is now | oNe | and have used hack. FuRy Plenas and enty and Myster have used hack and now it's okay with them ... why me can not take a chance as given to them? I'm 16 now, in 2012 and 2013 I had the child mentality perhaps, and I was stupid and made many mistakes, I've changed, I'm not asking you to believe me, I am asking for you to give me a chance for you to see I changed . People who play with me and talking with me in please TS speak here, I deserve to have one last chance? I'm just like 2012 and 2013? I started playing assault cube from the first version, but the first version, with 7 or 8 years xD. It was my first game and the one I played and play today. I'll say one thing here that many players tell me, my problem is I play with feeh, many say it uses hack, and I do not use. He stopped playing assault cube, he is playing CS: GO. He in my opinion has never hack, he is my feehzin xD. he said: "I will not play a game I'm blacklist". He followed what he wanted and I am following what I want, I want to be a normal player here. I play inters every day with several players, I use my nick and has no problems. Nowadays, I think if someone use hacks its horrible and stupid, is simply stupid. I do not know how I was able to use in my past ... the biggest hackers of history of brazil and assault cube gave me hacks in 2012 "JV and Priest" and I was stupid and I used ... was the age maybe. .

I at that time did not know what was a inter, or rather, I did not know what was the assault cube in fact, I saw assault cube as a game to play, I do not saw a competitive game because I was too noob, was so I used hack.
Please comment and say whether I deserve it or not leaving the blacklist, please no insult, I do not want to create more enemies. Simply give your opinion.


Sorry for spelling mistakes, my English is bad. I made this text with the help of the google translator xD.
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You suck, the game is dead, who care ?
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(21 Sep 15, 11:00PM)Sergin Wrote: He in my opinion has never hack

feeh has only hacked

marti has only gay
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Not only you cheated but you got caught and continued again and again. The lack of trust everyone has toward you should be enough to shut up. But apparently no.
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(22 Sep 15, 12:08PM)ExodusS Wrote: Not only you cheated but you got caught and continued again and again.
This. When you do so many mistakes, you can't be surprised if even after years, someone don't trust you anymore. Personally I believe you, we've played many games and I highly doubt you are still interested in cheating or acting bad, so F1. I suggest you to continue playing with players that trust you, and if someone don't, don't rage or feel bad, you know they have their reasons.
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.LeXuS'' is .LeXuS'' so...
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Your a decent player now without cheats, but the thing I worry about it you still consider feeh your friend and correct me if I'm wrong you still associate with him?

I get that you were really young and still are so you can make bad choices, I think you can be unBL but its not up to me.
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(22 Sep 15, 06:20AM)Million Wrote: You suck, the game is dead, who care ?

AC has now resorted to unblacklisting pricks to have at least 1 pub filled daily.
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