AC Logging
Hey all,

For a computer science project, I've made a primitive log parser, which is slightly different to the other two. This one looks at things on a game by game basis, and as I didn't have that much time to do it all, it is missing a lot of features. However, as I need people to use this, so I can have results from it. As soon as the game finishes (or in 30 seconds after), that game will show up on the main page. When looking at the site, remember it looks terrible because I wrote it all by myself from scratch. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could play on it, despite the terrible ping some of you might have, and if you could also use the site and provide answers to the survey I've linked there (which I need for the evaluation part) I'd be really grateful.

The site is here:
The connect is: /connect 5555 keegspass

I would really appreciate it :)

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You could ask other server owners to forward their logs to you. AC can use syslog, which can be configured to forward logs in realtime.
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