Need a door.
I've searched akimbo but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. Not sure who made it (might have been Cleaner) but on the old akimbo site there was a door mapmodel that could be used in the event that door textures didn't line up with the height of your map floor. This mapmodel is 4 cubes long by 8 cubes tall whereas the ones on akimbo are either saloon-themed or 5x7. Does anyone have this perchance? Many thanks in advance.
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I don't think they are available in akimbo
I saw them in game folder

and there is cfg for these new content
/coop new_content

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Tacking on to this thread, is there a version of the Boufe door that is 8 instead of 7 cubes?
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Thanks Altair I love you
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