.4X servers down?
I had to disappear and do some rather unpleasant business so I was off AC this whole week. All of the .4x servers seem to have disappeared.Those are the only servers I played on because they had the least laaaa-a-a-aa-ggg for me. The ones like Saturn - Florida and Cat's Eye and those. I had been recently building up members of my clan, "Zesty Silence", and my clan members, ZS/Chinaman and ZS/ElevatorLord are also nowhere to be seen. I've asked around and still, nobody has seen any of them. I'm more concerned about the .4X servers than my clan.
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Ah no need for concern ZS/Horse. =)

I am glad that you had found use for them!

I honestly took them down, because I left 4X some time ago - I only left them up assuming they were a courtesy to the remaining members.
Now they have gone on to another group, which is mostly devoid of the Cuber mentality.
And so, I was no longer interested in carrying on something I no longer cared to steward, and I took them down.

I do have some plans to bring back a new network for the community - but I am taking my time for sure...

Sorry for anyone I left in the dark there.
But, please don't fret, the Sun will come out again! =)
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Could you put Cat's Eye up please? Sooooo many people used it along with me. If you do, could I have admin? I am on public WiFi atm and have no money for a VPN and xfinitywifi doesn't always support port forwarding.
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Yeah, can i have admin too?
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(26 Jul 15, 12:43PM)Marti Wrote: Yeah, can i have admin too?

Nah =) lol i bet you got a pass already and just forgot it
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