I'm looking for a map
Hi guys I'm looking for a hax jump nade jump training map. I used to have one 2 years ago but my old map archive got erased so I have only official maps now. I think the map name was something like hax-4. Would really appreciate if anyone has that map :)
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Latest i have is about three years ago.
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There is a 23_GEMA_smthing where you need to climb a pyramid with nade jump
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Not sure on this one maybe try here...
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(12 Jul 15, 01:42AM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote: Not sure on this one maybe try here...

Thanks guys. I've had a look, couldn't find it. Perhaps I can try to describe the map better. It is a relatively small square shaped map with the pillars of all the heights from 5 to 14 (it's a 1.1 map version) with long shallow pit across the map for long-range nade jumps and a high wall for high nade jumps and lots of nades, ammo and armor around.

P.S. Had a closer look through the list and found it. It's called "hax_gema"
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It would be easy to develop a map search engine. I haven't done it yet for akimbo but its still in my TODO list.

We already have auto generated previews (http://packages.ac-akimbo.net/previews/p...gh.cgz.jpg ) and map stats, maybe a bit more data should be fetched from the geometry and then the only thing to work on would be the search code itself.

However, it would only be usable on "decent" maps if implemented on akimbo.
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