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[Main Event] USA A vs FRA B
This is the official thread for the match USA A v FRA B. We are available mainly everyday in the evening for the US, so if you could give us some times that you are able to play that would be most appreciated.
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Hello , we would like to know if there is any possibality to play thursday ? , lets discuss about time later
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Ok we can't do Thursday, can you do Wednesday?
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I think we can. Wednesday 10 pm gmt (midnight French time) could fit. What do you think ?
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since you guys doesnt know when you are able to play.
we can make effort , wednesday 11pm.
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Is there anything wrong with a weekend date? That would be best I think
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well its not cool since i have to leave friday , i hope my mates can do it.
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Since the other thread got closed. Well played france, very gg
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