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Guide how to clean your server
1. blacklist

// Server Blacklist
// ================
// WARNING: You can NOT use CubeScript in here!!

// The following schemes are accepted...

//        = Ban a single IP.
//        = Ban an IP block ( -
// -    = Ban an IP range.

// Hint: sed 's!#!//!g' old_blacklist.txt > new_blacklist.cfg
// ProxyServerBan:    www.anonymizer.com
// ProxyServerBan:    www.anchorfree.com
// ProxyServerBan:    www.peer2me.com
// ProxyServerBan:      www.goldenfrog.com
// ProxyServerBan:      www.CyberGhostVPN.com
// ProxyServerBan:      www.Relakks.com
// You only need a proxy if you're causing trouble. - -  //Voxility VPSes // your-server.de // your-server.de // BalticServers // Privax // Voxility // Genious Communications // your-server.de // AnchorFree // eureka // eureka // leaseweb // peer2me.net // peer2me.net // your-freedom.de // usaip.eu // HE // vps21 // vps21 // yourprivatevpn.com // usaip.eu // your-freedom.de // WestHost // GloboTech //anchorfree.com // FDC servers //ultravpn.fr // FDC servers // usaip.eu // your-freedom.de // your-freedom.de // tor node // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de //your-freedom.de //peer2me.net // privax // vpn used by Victor // German server range, inc. your-freedom.de // swiss VPS range //cyberghostvpn.com //cyberghostvpn.com //peer2me.net // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // VPS range, including yourprivatevpn.com and usaip.eu //peer2me.net //peer2me.net // frozenway.com // frozenway.com // frozenway.com // frozenway.com // frozenway.com //peer2me.net //peer2me.net //peer2me.net //peer2me.net //peer2me.net //peer2me.net // Swiftway // this range mainly VPSes used by French proxy services, inc. peer2me.net // your-freedom.de // tor node // vpn used by Victor // Voxility // privax // Dediserve // Voxility // Voxility //relakks.com // frozenway.com // LusoVPS // tor node // usaip.eu // your-freedom.de // your-freedom.de // your-freedom.de // tor node // your-freedom.de // Voxility // ubiqityservers // Voxility // Voxility // Voxility // Voxility // usaip.eu // your-freedom.de // tor node //goldenfrog.com // server range // Eureka // tor node // proXPN.com // frozenway.com // frozenway.com // frozenway.com // frozenway.com // LusoVPS // frozenway.com // LusoVPS // frozenway.com // frozenway.com // usaip.eu // Amanah // vps21 // vps21 // Voxility // Voxility // Privax // your-freedom.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-freedom.de // Incero servers // your-freedom.de // Privitze // voxility // eureka // yesup // colocrossing // yesup // yesup // vps21 // leaseweb // yesup // vps21 // leaseweb // yesup // vps21 // vps21 // anchorfree.com // usaip.eu // your-freedom.de // school in Melbourne // usaip.eu // your-freedom.de // protector.ycoe.org // your-freedom.de // anchorfree // your-freedom.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de // your-server.de //peer2me.net //peer2me.net //peer2me.net // usaip.eu // your-freedom.de

// Name: {CoE}fredriK* and KID, and more tag abuse (all fake),
// Ban date: 2011-12-16
// Ban reason: posting nazi and racist abuse on z4p site and trolling on servers / Impersonation
// Proof: http://forum.cubers.net/thread-4396.html and on z4p site http://z4p-clan.enjin.com/forum/m/3300775/viewthread/1788993-congratz-z4p
// forum.cubers.net/thread-4959-post-90267.html#pid90267 , http://forum.cubers.net/thread-1-post-93484.html#pid93484    // New IP added Feb 23. Seems like he has changed ISP. This range is big :(     // IP added by OS march 13 2012      // New IP added Februar 23 by OS. (I have all ranges for this dude if needed)     // Never remove!     // New IP added Feb 28. OS   // IP added by OS march 4 2012














//Pico only teamkiller

//Beingnoob //yalahhhh //undead //z4p|alert //Chuck_norris-Stevenseagal //=FoA=Tunisie Teamkiller tengo screenshot guardada //SSHitler //{ric} Only teamkiller
2. whitelist
// Server Nickname Blacklist + Whitelist
// =====================================
// WARNING: You can NOT use CubeScript in here!!

// accept nickname [IP range ...] [password ...]  // add this nickname to the whitelist
// (if IP ranges are specified, only connects from that ranges are allowed; if one or more passwords are specified, the connect password has to match)
// block nicknamefragment1 [nicknamefragment2 ...]  // block nicknames that contain all specified fragments (up to 5)
// blocki nicknamefragment1 [nicknamefragment2 ...]  // block nicknames that contain all specified fragments (up to 5), ignore cases

// accept, block and blocki can be shortened to a, b and bi

// 'accept' has higher priority than 'block'
// accept matches whole nicknames; block matches parts of nicknames

// examples:
// accept lorem                  // 'lorem' is an allowed nickname, no IP restrictions, no blacklist entries can block this name
// accept ipsum  // accept 'ipsum' only, if he connects with an IP in the range
// accept ipsum      // add another allowed IP range for 'ipsum'
// accept ipsum  foo bar         // add two possible passwords for 'ipsum'
// block dolor                   // block all nicknames that contain the substring 'dolor', for example 'dolores' or 'odolor'; does not block 'DOLOR'
// block sit amet                // block all nicknames that contain both substrings, for example 'sitamet' or 'dametosit'
// blocki consectetur            // block all nicknames that contain the substring 'consectetur', ignore case; block for example 'aconsectetur', 'oConSecTeTuR'
// accept foobar  // accept 'foobar'; allow several IP ranges

// clan whitelist example: a clan named 'DEV' with two members, 'foo' and 'bar'
// accept DEV|foo        // foo has a static IP; no password required
// accept DEV|bar pwdpwd // bar has a dynamic IP from that range; in addition, the connect password has to match 'pwdpwd'
// block DEV|                    // don't allow anyone else to wear the clan tag

// ClanTag: [aCKa]
// FullName: Assault Cubers Kingly Assassins
// ClanURL: http://www.acka.herobo.com
// Owner: PERROS

blocki |aCKa|
blocki [aCKa]
blocki aCKa
blocki Perros
accept [aCKa]PERROS
accept [aCKa]dog
accept PERROS
accept Perros
accept dog
accept Dog
accept mechanic
accept mop
accept donop
accept logop
accept nology
accept DasAuto
accept gatita
accept xavi
accept KA|PI
accept [aCKa]Alien
accept [aCKa]Mile
accept [aCKa]Ghost*
accept [aCKa]lighting
accept [aCKa]Klos
accept [aCKa]SuperHero
accept [aCKa]Superior
accept [aCKa]Boon
accept [aCKa]Boonky
accept [aCKa]Qu!xL
accept [aCKa]la.place
accept [aCKa].Laplace
accept [aCKa]Amor

// ClanTag: A&D
// FullName: Armed and dangerous
// Owner: jamz

blocki Brahma
accept Brahma
blocki RandumKiwi
accept RandumKiwi
blocki jamz
accept A&D_jamz
accept A&D_Dentist
accept A&D_Disney
accept A&D_Maggot
accept A&D_Horse
accept A&D_Kaiserjager
accept A&D_Laura
accept A&D_Pol
accept A&D_Ranting
accept A&D_Shadow
accept A&D_Storm
accept A&D_TheRock
accept A&D_XFA

// DES| (Dedicated Elite Soldiers) @ http://www.des-clan.net
block DES|
block |DES
block DESl
block DESI
blocki DES/
accept DES|BenWasHere
accept DES|blackbeast
accept DES|Blind_man
accept DES|byrus
accept DES|Cleaner
accept DES|Cyprian
accept DES|Dreamer
accept DES|Freddo
accept DES|GenDisarray
accept DES|Godsmack
accept DES|5FDP
accept DES|Hallstrom
accept DES|Kijax
accept DES|Medusa
accept nescio
accept Q-tip
accept mellow-yellow
accept </3
accept DES|OpenSource
accept DES|optus
accept DES|R4zor
accept DES|Ruthless
accept DES|RuThLe$$
accept DES|sundown
accept DES|SeaTacMike
accept tipper|DES|
accept DES|TwItCh
accept DES|h00ver
accept DES|RiverOut    
accept DES|Vampy
accept DES|Anderson
accept DES|Snoopy
accept DES|Puffadder
accept DES|Puffadder
accept pwnstar|DES|
accept DES|Mazellan
accept a_slow_old|DES|
accept DES|KAZ
accept DES|Giggletron
accept DES|schaf
accept DES|jAcKRoCk*
accept DES|Mayhem
accept DES|Demten4ever
accept DES|Twist
accept Twist|DES|
accept DES|k4z
accept DES|Inline
accept DES|Jeb
accept DES|YakuzA
accept DES|h00ver

blocki {ric}
blocki oNe
blocki |oNe|
blocki |uNo|
blocki Undead
blocki Undead|oNe|
blocki |oNe|Undead
blocki Xenon
blocki |oNe|Xenon
blocki MADRID<DOG>
blocki PreSSion
blocki pression
blocki PaulMuadDibKA
blocki MuadDibKA
blocki Paul
blocki {CoE}PaulMuadDibKA
blocki {CoE}
blocki [CoE]
blocki |40+|MuadDibKA
blocki Edward
blocki Mykegregory
blocki Pi_MykeGregory
blocki |S!cK|abc
blocki |S!cK|Elite
blocki s!ck
blocki S!cK
blocki |#LC*|
blocki Elite
blcki ProElite
blocki .LeXu$
blocki .LeXuS+PT+
blocki xistra
blocki Graziano
blocki Grazy
blocki 4x|Grazy
blocki fabulous
blocki -xW-#
blocki -xW-
blocki -xW
blocki xW
blocki Wx
blocki MasterOfVote
blocki Sarzaminme
blocki Pico
blocki FUGA

// =================
//  Offensive words
// =================
blocki asshole        // "ass" is not blacklisted, as it's not really
            // offensive, and could block other names.
            // For example: "assault"
blocki bastard
blocki bitch
blocki boobs
blocki clit
blocki cock
blocki condom
blocki cunt
blocki dick
blocki dildo
blocki douche
blocki fag
blocki fuck
blocki horney        // Some people can't spell "horny"
blocki horny
blocki hurensohn    // "Son of a bitch" in german.
blocki masterb        // Some people can't spell, see below.
blocki masturb        // See "wank".
blocki milf
blocki necrop        // Ban names that mention some form of necrophilia.
blocki pedo
blocki penis
blocki pervert
blocki pussy
blocki puta        // "whore" or "slut" in portugese.
            // "filho da puta" = son of a whore/slut.
blocki rape
blocki rapist
blocki shit
blocki slut
blocki tits
blocki vagina
blocki wank
blocki whore
blocki ROCTUM
blocki sick
blocki suck

// ===================================
//  Words that insinuate server abuse
// ===================================
blocki cheat
blocki hack
blocki hax
blocki h4x
blocki H4X
blocki aimbot
blocki team kill

// ===========================================
//  Words that aren't neccesarally offensive,
//  but will probably get used in a bad way
// ===========================================
blocki admin
blocki gay
blocki jew
blocki midget

// ===========================
//  Inappropriate dutch words
// ===========================
blocki kanker
blocki mongool
blocki flikker
blocki homo
blocki hoer
blocki tering
blocki eikel
blocki lul
blocki idioot
blocki kutwijf
blocki slet
blocki godverdomme
blocki klootzak
blocki sukkel
blocki rotzak

// ===========================
//  Inappropriate word images
// ===========================
blocki 8==>
blocki 8=>
blocki 8===
blocki <=8
blocki <==8
blocki <===
blocki c=8
blocki c==8
blocki c===
blocki 8==D
blocki 8=D
blocki (.)(.)
blocki (.Y.)

// ==================================
//  Racist or culturally insensitive
// ==================================
blocki adolf
blocki adolph        // Some people can't spell "adolf"
blocki rickperry      //for shits and giggles (but seriously, he's an idiot)
blocki hitler
blocki anal
blocki bin laden
blocki black power
blocki cracka
blocki himmler        // (Germany)
blocki HITLER
blocki hitler
blocki [SS]Hitler
blocki klux
blocki mengele        // (Germany)
blocki nazi
blocki nigga
blocki nigger
blocki osama
blocki ratko mladic    // Wanted for Genocide (Serbia)
blocki rudolf hess    // (Germany)
blocki saddam
blocki schutzstaffel    // (Germany)
blocki sheep shag    // It's an NZ server :P
blocki stalin
blocki waffen-ss
blocki white power
blocki hittler
blocki Judenvernichtung
blocki moammargadaffi
blocki MouamarKadhafi
blocki gadaffi
blocki racist
blocki racistnlggerkkk
blocki RaclstNlggerKKK
blocki RacistNlggerKKK
blocki pau_no_seu_cu //meaning my "member" in ur "backside" (Portuguese)
blocki ihateislam
blocki islam
3. forbidden words
// Put in this file the words you consider to be inappropriate in your server
// The system automatically pass all uppercase letters to lowercase
// You can put pairs of words which should not come together in the same phrase
// so "banana caramelada" will block "eu tenho uma banana, que eh muito caramelada"
// but will not block "minha banana eh grande"
// Below it is presented some default examples

your mother
suck dick
big cock
asshole         // "ass" is not blacklisted
hurensohn       // "Son of a bitch" in german.
masturb         // See "wank".
necrop          // Ban names that mention some form of necrophilia.
filho puta      // "whore" or "slut" in portugese.
you suck
Thanks given by:
Ok so only put 3 clans in whitelist and blacklist Undead, got it
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'inappropriate dutch words'

Thanks given by:
There is no f1.5 so i voted f1, i mean having a blacklist and a nickname whitelist is a good thing, but chat restrictions and those blacklist entries are shit and outdated honestly.
Thanks given by:
Why the hell would you ban the word "suck"

OH WAIT you're PERROS' #1 fan, nevermind, I understand completely.
Thanks given by:
Soo. why my ip range is not there? is this perro's blacklist or what?
Thanks given by:
the amount of effort he has put into banning fred is neurotic
Thanks given by:
Can't be perros's blacklist, I don't see my ip in it haha
Thanks given by:
(11 May 15, 08:19PM)Alien Wrote:

didn't know Paul and I were the same person...
Thanks given by:
(12 May 15, 02:55PM)Vanquish Wrote: didn't know Paul and I were the same person...

Now you do.
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Cleaning your server means blacklistign all good players ? lel


blocki islam
Thanks given by:
maybe add to ip blacklist?
Thanks given by:
I'm pretty sure perros already has blacklisted, no need to ask!
Thanks given by:
Dont worry about Perros because i have a gift for you.

Thanks given by:
1Cap, nobody actually wants to ban brazil. Also, if you could please post long posts in a pastebin (pastebin.com), that would be excellent.
Thanks given by:
Aight thanks 1cap, now i can add that to my server blacklist
Thanks given by:
Marti don't forget to whitelist the good players like BRC. You can ban the rest. xD.
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