Custom Map Server
Hey guys,
I'm preparing to put up a server again for fun. I'm hoping to make the maprot all custom (and turn off sendmap except for admins to prevent camper, towers, etc). Here's what I have so far. Suggestions welcome.
ac_abyss: CTF
ac_archives1.1 CTF
ac_arena CTF
ac_brick CTF
ac_dioura TOSOK
ac_discovery CTF
ac_empyreal CTF
ac_hacienda: CTF
ac_metl3 OSOK
ac_polar CTF
ac_riverside_2012 CTF
ac_tanglewood CTF
ac_tripoli: CTF
ac_village: CTF
apollo_abbey: CTF
champion: CTF
gravelpit: CTF, TOSOK
mpx_grid: CTF
spin: CTF
x7_auriga: CTF, TOSOK
Admin applications are open as well. Message me here on the forums and include why you should be admin, and I'll consider you for admin.
Accepted admins:
1) Quico
2) Nightmare
3) PhaNtom
4) Marti
5) Inline
6) Z3R0
7) HoeHunter
8) MorganKell
9) Pizza
10) BaDMonkey
11) Bugboy1028
12) Halo
13) Federico.
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I'm starting a nicknameblacklist from scratch, by the way. So if you want a whitelist, please let me know.
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ac_abyss CTF
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(11 May 15, 07:09AM)Mousikos Wrote: ac_archives1.1 CTF
ac_brick CTF
ac_tripoli: CTF
apollo_abbey: CTF

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(11 May 15, 04:45PM)Marti Wrote: ac_abyss CTF

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PM situation fixed. I swear I did it last night. Scouts honor.
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It's all good, mate.
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Still looking for admins/ map ideas!
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ac_hacienda? Would be great to have one of my maps on the server...
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ac_village It's a good map for ctf and it's kinda popular. I like that map.
apollo_castle Remember this one? the cfg it's outdated.
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(17 May 15, 03:57AM)Mousikos Wrote: Still looking for map ideas!

shame that the rabins_oasis 1.2 fix now has stupid poles in the map, else i would've suggested that
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I don't actually remember apollo_castle but since I can't find an updated version, it cannot be put under consideration. hacienda and village have both been added to the maprot.
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what about ac_strike and ac_civic? and don't forget that ac_africa. xD
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ac_strike is good, but the server is limited to 5v5. Should I put a min limit on it like I do for champion? ac_civic is both biased, and seems to require some tweaking. The idea is great, but some of the options (openings in the wall) take a bit to get through, leaving you exposed. How is ac_africa? It's a figure 8, so there's not much going on. Seems like it may end up being a clusterfuck to play, excuse my language. That being said, I've only played that map 2v2 with RK and on XRD's zombie server. How is it on bigger games?
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ac_unforgiven kkkk
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I'm proud to see a map of mine on the list :)
What is your server IP?
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ac_inferna cool map
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(14 Jul 15, 12:06AM)x7ee1 Wrote: I'm proud to see a map of mine on the list :)
What is your server IP?

Currently it's
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With enough people it's fast paced and fun to frag on. ac_africa that is.

Many games these days are CTF oriented but we mustn't forget that TDM still exists and can be quite fun.
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