Watery Deep Themed Map
I had the privilege of playing through some of Zero's maps; such as Pompeii, Empyreal, and Archives, and I am impressed. Loved the historical quality and the detail was very. I was sharing the server with Z-karius, Mousikos - our map tour guide ;), and some random shimmies when Z and I hit felt the hair on the back of our necks rise as a tingling sensation shot through our bodies. Riverside! We both love that old map of Shadow's and are heartbroken that it isn't played anywhere near the amount it should be these days...

So we were wondering, hoping beyond hope, maybe, possibly, that there might be someone out there willing to take up the challenge of making a Watery Deep Riversidey-esque Themed map on the level of Empy, Pomp, and Archives.
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Shadow updated it a couple years ago I think. :)
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ac_riverside_2012 is great. Thanks for enjoying my maps~
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i never understood why some people like riverside, i really believe its all about nostalgia, because lets be honest : the gameplay is terrible, and the original is ugly as fuck
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it's maybe because they get used to it because it was one of the only few "playable" maps at this time
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Theme. Watery Deep. Theeeeeme. Waaaaatery Deep. We're not asking for a remake of riverside. That already exists.
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Maybe it was the nostalgia but I definitely enjoyed it. I disagree with lukas saying the gameplay is terrible...it was actually very fast and fun with tactics actually come into play during clan matches maybe its not as complicated as a lot of the maps out there...but wish it was still played.
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Duuude Dog... Make a map epic like shine but with an aquatic feel.
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