Some one blacklist me.......
Hi guys, recently I have play always in the same server, today I saw the list of the server then I saw in 2 server I'm blacklisted, but I never play in that server, one is "My little Pony" (or something like that, nice name for a server where people shoot eachother :D ) the other one is DES|5.
So onestly I never play there, I check if someone write in the forum, but nothing.......anyway who know me know I'm not a bad cya in game ;)
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You may have been banned for alias(impersonating) names; their is another player with the name corvetti <<if this is your in game name that could be the problem. Change your name to something else and it might be lifted
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Nobody blacklisted you, your IP changed and you got in someones range ban.
Fixed it, if you still have a problem with it pm me.
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I have te same issue: my ip is

Sry I can't open threads
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don't share your ip in public, especially if you did nothing wrong
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me 2... only in this server
this one have own bl - cool
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I'm blacklisted from the ms not in only 2 servers :/

And I can't send PM to X-Ray-Dog
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