MJFanatic3 Troll
It has come to my attention that recently there has been a troll on Assaultcube servers named MJFanatic3. His real name is Aaron Lurie and from what I've heard, there have been reports of him trolling the servers trying to ban people who won't fight him on a website called [redacted] which btw he is a member of that site. IF YOU WANT TO, you can click on the website, sign up as a member, and give MJFanatic not only a lesson but also a taste of his own medicine. If you dont want to, so be it. If you do however, PLEASE do not tell him who told you all this.
PS: Keep an eye out for him on the servers members. He can be real troublesome.
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This isnt suspect at all
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I really hope this guy doesnt show up anymore and causes any more trouble.
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Yeah, no.
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