masterserver not replying?
hello gents of the AC community.  For the past 12 hours I have been getting the masterserver is not replying message in-game.  But here's the kicker, I can see servers updating in real time it just won't let me connect to any, any ideas how I can find a solution?
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Do i type arg2?
if so it didn't work, still just half the servers are showing up in the serverlist but I can't connect im gunna try a fresh install
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In the AssaultCube folder is a file named "assaultcube.bat". Right click this and open it with "notepad" to edit the launcher for the client.
All arguments need to be placed after the phrase: bin_win32\ac_client.exe
... and before the phrase: %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

Remember to save the file when you've finished!

Literally add in the first line of my last post.
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thanks for the help but it didn't fix me problem
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I don't see any attempt in your client trying to access the MS over UDP (mastertype=0). Did reinstalling work? Maybe you're being firewalled all of a sudden?
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i didnt click save as i was in a heated hearth game, it did work, thanks
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Hmmm sounds like your router may need configuring maybe.
Check your firewall on your pc and also your router.
I have two routers BT and Virgin and the virgin router would not let me play at all

after a while of messing around with my pc firewall it dawned on me, my router also has an inbuilt firewall.
A few clicks and I was playing my Fav game AC

Hope that may help.
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It was fixed 15 days ago when he made his last post
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