How can I completely disable autokick for inactive players?
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Do you mean not kicking AFK players?

-kA20 (or anything below 30 is good)

Quote:-kAN Sets the threshold (in seconds) for the "AFK" auto-kick to N. The server won't auto-kick if:
The servers mastermode is PRIVATE or MATCH.
If there are 4 or less players.
If the mode isn't team-based AND the server isn't full.
The server will assume inactive players, even if chatting or in spectate mode, as AFK. If the value is set lower than 30 seconds, then AFK auto-kick is disabled. The default setting is 45 seconds.
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Thank you!
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Next time, just read the docs, we write them for a reason, and it will save you some time.
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Well, I looked for it, but didn't find it on the Wiki, and apparently I didn't follow the correct links in the Documentation of the main site. i'm sorry...
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Alright. I'm sorry the wiki is a bit confusing, it takes really long to maintain it up to date.
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