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A game for Windows Phone I made some months ago. Not the greatest thing ever, but as said by some friends who played it, it's very trippy and all.

Please, do delete this if it's considered some sort of spam or so.
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I'll try it but I like the concept, it's a very good idea.

EDIT: Tested it, it's awesome, the only issue I found is that, the squares are a bit tiny, I have the HTC 8s and it's a little screen, squares are way too little for my thumbs. If only it could be a bit more huge, it would improve the gameplay a lot.
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Dont have windows phone :/
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Andrez Studios gets more games out than Valve.
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thats pretty cool; liking the GMC rep

gl with it man, i dont got a win phone tho so im super sad
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(08 Nov 14, 05:30PM)Nightmare Wrote: Andrez Studios gets more games out than Valve.

Hahahah, sadly Valve gets more $$$ than me :(

PS: thank you all for the feedback! :*
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