Wherefore art thou driven?
hi since i'm really bored and i havnt posted in a whiel and im running out of pro palyer material i came to the forums once again to do stufs

i sed it a few times before dat my idol is Martey and stuff. but sry i lie dis men is my true idol


hes rly cool he has posted many good stuff b4 liek fiting 1v1 against a console player wich was monumental. hes also DA BES when it comes to lg k i show u wy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpt52l6S..._ITr8Q6G3w (rip in pisses mouse)

hes da bes 1v1er ever. da bes lg in the universe, da bes to come out on top


k in this thred you can post rly cool stufs like frag movies, players dat inspired u to play and improve (demos k) nd meny more stuff. also you can tell ur competitive lives here

k i will befirs so yeah
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guyTx7acZf8 (bes)

also as a bonus for clicking my thred heres a cool video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibQKvjT_dKg


"there is no spoone" - The Matricks



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e20EfUATnOY (bes)
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(01 Nov 14, 03:09AM)G1gantuan Wrote: da bes lg in the universe

sorry you must have copied the wrong link, I don't see toxjq anywhere.


(01 Nov 14, 03:09AM)G1gantuan Wrote: you can post rly cool stufs like frag movies

toxjq has no fragmovies, because spectating him basically is one. He's the only player in any game in the whole world who really manages to pretty much stun me with his ability to aim. and he does it all with inverted sensitivity (true story) ...
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(01 Nov 14, 04:23AM)Vanquish Wrote: and he does it all with inverted sensitivity (true story) ...


one day three years ago i met someone in a osok server. back then i was much better compared to nao because i didn't have to play this game at 30 fps. we ended up having a 1v1 since no one else joined in the 10 minutes of osok. the score was like 10 kills 90 deaths (me) and 110 kills 10 deaths (him). i remember asking him y he was so good and told me simply "experience". hh
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What language was that, I swear I thought of Elvish.
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Your language gave me cancer
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it's ye olde english you illiterate reprobates


i like pie
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U ufficiuli becam feggit, not even linking my sniper montage
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k u less feggit now
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griffendore iz red,
slitherin iz green,
vuldemurts noese wil nevur be seen.
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(01 Nov 14, 06:10PM)ExodusS Wrote: [img]mykegregory-this_thread.jpg[/img]

Another great image!
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[Image: awkward-moment-when-your-sarcasm-is-so-a...045275.jpg]

and with people i mean exoduss
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(02 Nov 14, 01:00PM)Marti Wrote: and with people i mean exoduss

What if I told you I was just going to post a marti_still_doesn't_get_it.jpg?
Who has the most advanced sarcasm then?
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every moron knows you pretend to post this

[Image: Npydk.jpg]
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i am da bes
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(02 Nov 14, 02:05PM)Marti Wrote: every moron knows you pretend to post this

What would be the point of a joke nobody understand?
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The best joke is one that nobody gets.


gigantuan, please learn to spell. it's a key component of being good at fps
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