UK Top Gear's stig revealed!

tl;dr....its Ben Collins!
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Aww. The Stig shouldn't have been revealed like this. :(
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BBC News Wrote:After more than a day of legal submissions before Mr Justice Morgan, HarperCollins lawyers emerged on Wednesday to say the case had concluded in their favour.

What the hell, we need this kind of legal system in the US.
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I think James May's suggestion that the Stig is more than one person suits it better. There are some cars where only specific people can get their hands on. Case point: Ferrari FXX. Also, there is no way in hell that Ben Collins could ever set a time faster than F1 drivers. The best he ever got into was Formula Three with a second place finish. He is obviously lying.

But it doesn't stop the fact that cheating scum like these are so willing to cash in on years of hard work by the BBC producers. These kind of people are far worse than hackers and cheaters.
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