My ip range was blocked and since then I haven't been able to play in most of the servers. I have already talked to AoX and .45| about this issue and .45| has given me a deban pw <3. However, as you can see I can't roam freely from server to server. I have no idea who are the owners of Bra servers. If you can help me, it would be awesome.

[img][Image: HYN4rYt.png?1][/img]

btw, my ip range was blocked because of this person:

// Name: GottaGoFast
// Ban Date: 2014-09-24
// Ban Reason: Speedhack, Ban Evasion
// Evidence: http://fs.aox-ac.net/uploads/239373321.2...in_TDM.dmo

Thanks to HoeHunter for the quick investigation ;-)
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The Bra servers (if you are talking about the ones with the 181.x.x.x/191.x.x.x ip addresses) are also owned by |AoX|.
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PM me what password you would like for a deban to gibbed.me servers, chur.
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I did enjoy the thread name, much smile
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I found this in my logs:
Sep 12 11:08:00 [] FD*EndGame logged in (default), AC: 1202|c40, nickname whitelist match

It's the same IP as f0r3v3r posted here and it's also in the first post.

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yeah, well idk about ips and stuff but I think mine is dynamic which implies different people can use the same ip right? and this guy used one I used. Explain please.
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There is no accusation here, but it is indeed, an interesting situation...
inetnum    186.37/16
status    allocated
aut-num    N/A
owner    Entel PCS Telecomunicaciones S.A.
Looking at the company bio regarding this branch of Entel, and considering the nature of mobile ip assignment with regards to mobile broadband service, I think it is reasonable to conclude that this is really just a one-in-a-million fluke with Endgame in the middle of it...

It is just really boggling though, that the same ip shows up from the same provider in Chile - allocated to two separate AssaultCubers - within two weeks of one another...

(13 Oct 14, 10:41AM)Medusa Wrote: I found this in my logs:
Sep 12 11:08:00 [] FD*EndGame logged in (default), AC: 1202|c40, nickname whitelist match

It's the same IP as f0r3v3r posted here and it's also in the first post.


And the only time the ip shows up for the entirety of on |AoX| Network:
Sep 24 12:05:12 [] GottaGoFast logged in (default), AC: 1202|c40
EDIT: Endgame has been pm'ed a deban password....
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Can two people even use the same IP?! Didn't think that was possible...
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No but srsly is it really possible 2 people have the same ip? Even though its dynamic?
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It has to be possible. No other explanation.

btw, thanks to all people who have sent deban pws. You can't imagine how I appreciate it. Thanks for your time and effort. It won't be forget.

Happy face for you all

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I am guessing it is because it is mobile broadband they may have a limited pool from which everyone gets assigned from randomly upon connecting...
Just a guess, as stated...
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For the last couple of months EndGame has only been receiving an IP in the same /24 block. It's not the only /24 block owned by the ISP, but it does seem that they've developed a funny way of allocating IPs. As for 'one in a million', it's not; I've seen it many times. Some ISPs seem to have such a scarcity of IPs that three or four ACers will get the same IP at different times in the same month.
What seems to be unusual in this case is that EndGame was the only player with that /24 block from 28 August to 22 September, then a cheat appeared in that block with a good map knowledge and the movement of an experienced AC player. This is slightly more rare.
Anyway, the cheat seems to have disappeared, and that's the main thing.
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Well, I was clearly not the only player...wait! unless you think...
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