Am I blacklisted?
my username is "human"
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Do you really want me to get log of you teamkilling and voting invaild reasons from Expdus servers?
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I really hope so and also really hope you eventually get Central Black Listed, since you only join into a game to disrupt it by team-killing and insulting other players and vote abuse with completely invalid reasons .
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Go play CoD please!
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Stop spamming the forum, you got blacklisted, deal with it
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(25 Sep 14, 12:21AM)Skinny-Dog Wrote: Stop spamming the forum

the irony is killing me
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Am i blacklisted?

My username is "Marti"
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i think so x.x jajajaja
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(25 Sep 14, 12:27AM)Vanquish Wrote: the irony is killing me

LMAO... you jelly?
Same to me... stay away from me sexy slave... :-)
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No one is jealous of you, and no one ever will be

Your comebacks are pathetic qq
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(25 Sep 14, 05:08PM)Skinny-Dog Wrote: LMAO... you jelly?
Same to me... stay away from me sexy slave... :-)

I typed about six responses and then deleted all of them, because I thought that if some of my comments were actually true (I believe that's a possibility) it would be too cruel to post them in public. Suffice to say that you're a very weird and immature person (guessing age 13 or below), and +1 to Marti's comment.

Also, I'm not "jelly" of someone who spams the AC forum (EDIT: also bob's forum) with posts that make him seem like he has the IQ of a cornflake.
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Peanutttt, peanut butter. And Jelly!
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lol I just said something and you raged, calm down boy. Also I don't give a hell about being important, I'm just a normal person who thinks like that, I'm not the only one who did this too so don't come here to blame my stupid attitude, at least I tried to be sarcastic by posting something pretty useless... let BoB alone, stop saying things, I guess that you want to call their attention.

I'm not an idiot by falling in your words, I made a public apologize in their forums, I learned a lesson.

For your information, I'm almost 17, I'm not a kid even if I' m acting like it... Just 'cause you're are older, it doesn't make you be mature by involving in my life l, either in public game.

I don't want to create a problem ok? So stay away from me Vanquish
Still troller... dude peace... idc if I'm pathetic.

You guys don't win nothing by doing this, get the rid of it mates, like I did

It's annoying when experienced people bother new ones by blaming their stupid actions.
Someone close this thread!!!!
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[Image: popcornn1ujy.gif]
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And then I just "said something" and you wrote five thousand words.
I'm not calling BoB, simply mentioning the fact you posted useless shit on their forum as well as here.

I don't want a "problem" either, but if I wanted to listen to mindless droning I'd befriend an air conditioner. Your initial response to me was a prime example of the type of shit you post that annoys not only me but also others. I'd appreciate it if this thread could be closed/split/something in order to curtail more offtopic posts.
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I did the same, your posts are making me rage, you're interested on shitty people (me) and you don't even grow up as a person, at least I'm working on it by avoiding this type of probkems... GET THE RID OF IT... stop it... we both are posting useless posts, don't say that I'm the only onw here who do it l.

The End..
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(25 Sep 14, 08:09PM)Skinny-Dog Wrote: For your information, I'm almost 17, I'm not a kid even if I' m acting like it.

for your information, being 16 still makes you a kid.

the fact that you HAVE to reply to someone saying its irony makes you a kid.

you try to be sarcastic with a post, then someone says its ironic you post it, so you fell for your own trick. you TRIED to be sarcastic, some others WERE sarcastic lol

'older' players should correct the 'new' players so they wont do stupid things in the future, but i guess 'we' as 'older' players failed with you, since you keep doing stupid stuff.

te quiero mucho amigo

p.s. i love to create problems
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