Site to host servers?
Hi, I am searching a site where we can host assault cube servers just like a web hosting account. Is there any site like this one?
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No. You would need a VPS.
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No. They will not be free.
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So no way to host my sever for free?
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find a sponsor :D
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Like who ^^ ?
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Like your mum...

(or if that's not possible try your employer.)
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#9 is good and at a reasonable price, i used to host my servers there.
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Thanks... But there is no free?
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NO THERE IS NO FREE VPS. you can get a vps donated or beg someone for one. noerrorsfound was handing out a few spots... idk if he still has them.
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Yes, there is no way to get a VPS for free.
The price will also depend a fair bit of where the VPS is hosted. For example, VPSs in Australia are quite expensive, while VPSs in the US are substantially cheaper.
But you can probably host some servers on your home internet connection, go to and post the results here.
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There are a handful of VPS providers that sometimes go through a beta period, allowing people to test their VPS for free. Bear in mind that these won't last forever, you'd need to either be willing to end your time with your provider at the end or be willing to pay a fee.

I know EUServ were doing this however everytime I try to log in with the right username/password it will always tell me it is incorrect. Either way EUServ are ending their beta in December.
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* ärkefiende needs a new new server in December :P
haha using the EuServ beta servers (by dave)
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Nothink is free in the World juste work a little and host your servers :))
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some hosting companies which are nice enough sometimes allow for hosting of game servers they do not provide normally on there main list, you can find out by emailing them :)
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Or contact SpiRiT's grandfather.
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(03 Sep 10, 06:53AM)DES|V-Man Wrote: Or contact SpiRiT's grandfather.

Lawl. Win +100.
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You would need a VPS to run AC servers.

There are none, or very few free VPS providers.
Cheap VPS hosting often equates to shite hosting.
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I can't pay on the net... I don't have a paypal verified account because in my country there are no international cards...
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Here there's a free trial vps (1 month). SERVERCHOICE
You must to register first, then choose VPS lite on linux (15 €). But its free first month.

[Image: dibujorts.jpg]

I haven't tried it, i have no time (and knowledge) to set up servers there. If someone tries it, tell us how it goes.
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