IP on forum
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(24 Jul 14, 02:11AM)froxy Wrote: we are eSport player

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Actually lol'd
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'dat AC scandal...
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by request the mod must remove full ip from post
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Was it this post:
(21 Jul 14, 11:40PM)MPx Wrote:
// Name: ReVo_demo, Revo_Fr0x
// Ban date: 21/07/2014
// Ban Reason: aimbot
// Server: |AoX|Luna
// Proof: demo > https://db.tt/2U1FvcCZ

// Name: ReVo_Frox
// Ban date: 21/07/2014
// Ban Reason: aimbot
// Server: |AoX|Luna
// Proof: demo > https://db.tt/2U1FvcCZ
// Comment: They seems that have binded the enemy tracking + aimbot

Same demo for both https://db.tt/2U1FvcCZ See how they aim automatically and start tracking the enemy.

Or this post:
(22 Jul 14, 12:11AM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote:
(21 Jul 14, 11:40PM)MPx Wrote:
Jul 22 02:33:29 [] disconnected client ReVo_demo cn 1, 4844 seconds played, score saved
(21 Jul 14, 11:40PM)MPx Wrote:
Jul 22 02:14:28 [] ReVo_Frox changed name to RMilit

That you wanted removed?
And, just so that no mistakes are made, was it or ? BTW, I've updated your thread title to make things clearer.
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Daaaamn Jamz so BM :D
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(24 Jul 14, 03:35AM)1Cap Wrote:
by request the mod must remove full ip from post

Theres no law against publishing an IP afaik
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Do not try to change the world!
But if you have a desire to change the world, start by changing yourself.
Try each day to be a better person.
You should also understand what it means to live in society.
Understand why watch over one another.
Understand that things like revenge are not healthy.
but surely you will fall in some temptations .. this is human behavior.

One tip I'll give you; a sort of test ...
Give power to someone and then you will know the true soul of that person.
Power corrupts. (in most cases)

But what law will define our limits?
How far can we go?
Please note. Look closely.
If the result is evil, then everything is wrong. Obviously.
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So we need to go thoroughly scour everyone's Ts3 servers to eradicate the ever-present LeXuS'', but you have a sympathetic streak for these guys?
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I just want to be absolutely certain this is you, froxy, before I do anything. The IP address, , matches, as does the email address, [email protected] , but I have to cover all the bases.
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(24 Jul 14, 07:41AM)1Cap Wrote: ...

You really are one of those stupid people who fight the illuminatis, are you?

Now let's return ontopic, this guy cheated, he got banned, he explains nobody trust him on other games (there are certainly reasons they don't trust him), he complains and ask for us to "hide" his IP adress, thing that I hope won't happen.

For once, a ban is more than an IP on a .cfg file, for once it affects the cheater, deal with it.
[Image: fantage_deal_with_it_glasses__c2u__by_fa...7422m2.png]
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(23 Jul 14, 06:06PM)stef Wrote: Please do not register servers that are modified to give the full IP address to all players to the masterserver. AC features that restriction for good reason.
Also, if you run such a server (for whatever reason), please document that modification at least on the serverinfo page.
Quote:RE: Forum Rules
Any information you provide on these forums will not be disclosed to any third party without your complete consent, although the staff cannot be held liable for any hacking attempt in which your data is compromised...
why index this forum?

he asked to remove the indexing of his ip.
there is no reason not to do this.
I confess that I'm lost in the way you manage it all here.

well - good job
'll hack it - http://ip/login.php
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1. You lose the right to have your 'privacy' protected when you choose to cheat in an online multiplayer game. Mistake or not, it was a conscious decision. If he's that concerned about his reputation for being a cheat, he should get a new ISP.
2. I haven't posted anything that wasn't made publicly available by froxy himself. His IP address was not retrieved from information he provided to the forums; it came from in-game and a server log.
3. I'm confident that when stef says 'all players', he means '...apart from those who cheat'. How else are we supposed to ban players like LeXuS without distributing the relevant information?

edit: removed possible misinterpretation
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Why remove your IP?
Hackers must live with that, and we have proof about that... so, don't come here and ask people to do that... You hacked like 3 times and you tried to evade a ban/blacklist lol
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Image removed.
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[Image: paix-daube-air-pedobear-big.png]
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OK, Vanq's image (two posts up) was reported by froxy, leading me to believe it was probably him. For those who don't know, I have three kids, and the image was of a boy a little older than my eldest, so I'm going to change my tune here.
froxy, I'm going to close this thread to prevent any more attacks on you, but I hope you've learnt a valuable lesson. You have to take responsibility for your actions, and cheating has repercussions. You have plenty of time to get over this, but I won't be removing your IP from the forums I'm afraid.
Late edit: Vanquish informs me that he posted the portrait to give people an idea of how young our miscreant is. Job done.
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