I am a professional tker called "human"
I've had several nicknames.


and a few more. I've started playing AC years ago (years of experience to my curriculum), then I forgot about it for a while and now I'm back. Ask Me Anything!
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Why you call yourself a profesional teamkiller? LOL
That sounds so awful :P
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Not literally, of course. I make no money playing this. In fact, I really should get a job
I was expecting a harsh reply lol
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The mods will love your thread man.
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Moved to off-topic, less likely for the mods to hate you that way.

My question is: How many people hate you and what joy do you get from this?
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And why you're your avatar is the same as Bugboy1028's?

EDIT: impressive typo :o
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O M G,

U r the si*k fk who kills his own team mates, Its like u r the Jason from friday the 13th or Freddy. u shud be crusified and wat ever.

I personally hate Team killers. When playing Football its like your team mate hitting goals into your own goal. That sux.

But each to his own Psychotic tendencies.

I like Mischief.
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did reddit remove your ama
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