Split from blacklist- .Legendary imposter
(14 Jul 14, 09:53PM)PERROS Wrote:
(14 Jul 14, 04:16PM)+f0r3v3r+ Wrote:
Jul 13 23:16:08 [] . changed name to .Legendary\
Jul 13 23:16:17 [] .Legendary\ changed name to .Legendary
Jul 13 23:24:27 [] .Legendary changed name to .
Jul 13 23:17:49 [] Cuidado[HUE] changed name to .le
Jul 13 23:18:05 [] .le changed name to .legen
Jul 13 23:18:18 [] .legen changed name to .legendary
Jul 13 23:18:45 [] .legendary changed name to .wLegendary
Jul 13 23:18:50 [] .wLegendary changed name to .Legendary
If the only thing these guys are doing is abusing your name, I would be happy to create a whitelist entry for you...
It would much easier to combat this issue than blacklisting ips that have likely already been changed by the time they reach a blacklist...
PM me please...

have the ip 85.243.xx, portugal is an idiot and called FODASSE, or Daddy, you like to do teamkiller.

and other IP is a proxy, and I suspect Mpx, is behind all this, and above to go through screwjameson.

Are you for real, PERROS? Look at the demo, does MPX actually act like that?

Second, I doubt that ip is proxy UNLESS Jamz steps forward and said it is.

What proof do you have that this troublemaker is MPx seeking revenge on other user? Hmm?!?!
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1. I think PERROS dont watch demos before ban "those players".
2. I really want to know what Jamz have to say about this.
3. PERROS don't have any kind of proof. He is speculating and as I said. I don't need to impersonate others, that is so stupid. PERROS, if want revenge against you, I could buy a plane ticket, get to your home and punch you on your f..ing face. That would be great, but.. I don't have money for the ticket. lol So, you are safe. Don't worry.
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Discuss in private ladies ;)
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I could, but perros blocked my PMs.
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PERROS, you blacklisted all our nicknames, i mean, clan names...
Get some live broda, you have protection of knowed players, that's bad... So we can't complain you, about Legendary... I guess that i saw the real one, but there are more impersonators that are doing this...

MPx is a good guy... Whitelists works against this problem, not a bl'd smart boy (PERROS)
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(15 Jul 14, 05:59PM)MPx Wrote: ...I really want to know what Jamz have to say about this...
Firstly, there's no demo. If MPx were using a proxy/vpn, it's almost certain his ping would be higher then normal, if possible ;). A demo, screenshot of the score board or score summary from the logs would show this, but it's probably not worth it because...
Secondly, the IP has been registering on the MS since 8 July, and every day since, always with the names TitoAtack[HUE] and cuidado[HUE], and they often play at the same time as MPx. It's not him.

I can only assume that .Legendary is doing something to attract so many impersonators, such as, maybe, using an unoriginal name that other people like.
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I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause a drama because of my impostors lol. Two of those guys were impersonating MPx too and I was there so I know it's not MPx.

These guys also changed their name in the server when I was there and they were trying to kick me from the server as if they were me.. it's not that I found them using my name on different servers so I believe they were doing it just to bother and not because they like my name.

look at this ss:

it's not the fact that they are using other people's name, it's the fact that they also kick the real players and mess around with that name confusing other players.
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