.45 Gema server. vote banned from server?????
Hi. I went on the .45 gema public server. i was playing happily then i was kicked. it said sommat like vote kicked from server in red. a vote did not pop up before hand then 10 mins later I was onthe server and this time it was exactly the same but with banned instead of kicked. the only reason i could think off is the anti cheat programme where if you go faster than normal then you get autokicked/banned and i was doing a assaultrifle run that makes you go faster.

Please come upp with a solution.
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we'll check the logs

AR running wont get you auto-kicked
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Yeah found the log, you should stop flag spamming on a gema server ;D
I will also talk to the admin :)
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I wasn't flag spamming I was spectating and re trying it to try and beet my previous score. Flag spamming is when you just keep going back and forth with the flag without dying. I wasn't doing that.
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Take it to PM guys.
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