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Is this video better? Video:
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well, its basically the same but why such a long song on such short footage now? and the audio/contentual information went completly missing ;)

but it was already a lot more enjoyable to watch
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audio/contentual info?

Took me 4 hours to edit and upload that :(

i need subscribers to support me
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Really good song. Only song on DSotM I liked.

But twin towers still sucks dick. It did even when I used to be able to delete the crates and hide inside them and not /getmap.
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You on about the tomahawk to the face one or the pink Floyd one?
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K. I like pink Floyd. Even though I was born nowhere near that time
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My new YouTube channel!

New YouTube channel!
I also have made a commentary.
But I still don't know how to record game sound and what to use to record it.
So please give me some advice.
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you can use 'outrec'.
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