Hotels with the Best Internet!
hey everyone,
right now im on break traveling through the southern us of a. im an avid gamer, and love to keep in touch (and flame) the ac community. on this trip, i realized how bad many hotel internet connections are. if you are like me and cant stop fragging no matter where you are, we gotta have the best internet. if you find any really good hotels, post them here with a speed test ( Just post them in this format:

Hotel Name: Courtyard by Marriott
City, State, Country: Charleston, SC, USA
Speedtest: (I didn't happen to get one)
Hotel Website:

{FsC}fragBike *rAgE*borat
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Rule of thumb, if you connect wirelessly, it's probably not going to go well. Best to find out in advance if they have RJ-45 ('ethernet') jacks.
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No speedtest, but Hampton Inn (and probably any in the Hilton family) have great high-speed Ethernet for free.
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Any large resort or 5 star hotel that provides a desk to work on will have a LAN port nearby.
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