Why I'm blackisted
Hello, I want know why I'm blacklisted !
My ip is start with 77.199.210.x

Ty :)
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aka Hacker
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Are you sure ? I don't find where.
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(31 Oct 13, 06:13PM)jamz Wrote:
[code]// Name: Hacker
// Ban date: 2013-10-31
// Ban reason: aimbot, others
// Proof: http://www.26things.com/ac/forum/2013/CTF_ac_shine_2013.10.31_1914.dmo
Joins in the first minute. Link to demo.
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There's a (tiny) chance that 'imcrazy' isn't 'Hacker', so I have to give the benefit of the doubt. 'imcrazy', could you try updating to and seeing if that fixes the problem.
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Okay I'm going to do it :)

again : masterserver isn't replying. doesn't work for me :(
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imcrazy: edit your launcher : add --mastertype=0 to the command line
(assaultcube.bat on windows)
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Thats work ! Thank you a lot [email protected] !

And I have re-try on the and the it's good ! I don't have the message "The master server isn't replying" :)
Ty lucas and another people :) you can close the topic.
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Sorry, I figured the timing was a little too close from blacklist to post.
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