Admin of Atoms Atomic server
Hey if ur reading this, i found a hacker on ur server, but idk the ip. can u check the logs and lemme have it? Heres the demo.
He changed his name like 5 times during the match, and left during the middle, but his cn# is 7
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talk to forever. he hosts it
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I am very sorry, but at that time I didn't have logging set to record back that far...Since then I have also added the TyD blacklist to all of my servers...>Hopefully that will help in the future...As for this instance, the guy IS clearly utilizing a headshot hack of some kind...

In the future, !whois cn works on my servers in addition to /whois cn....I will keep my eye out and extend the log data for future events.... Sorry to see this guy making a mockery in the server....Sorry you had to deal with it, but thank you for taking the time to do something about it...Sorry I failed you on this one...
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