A&D_jamz faker?
(08 Aug 13, 11:26AM)Marti Wrote:
(08 Aug 13, 11:23AM)pixle Wrote: im not saying everything is abuse

abuse or bullshit, my bad.

(08 Aug 13, 11:04AM)pixle Wrote: all I'm getting is bullshit abuse from people online.... and u don't know anything to say that shit is bullshit this is such bullshit im getting abuse now

with a pinch of salt dude... and yes tbh most the stuff has been abuse and attacks on me and for u defo all uv given me is abuse

lol anyway im not gna be reading this anymore i hope not to see any of u ingame, as jamz said to me he sometimes bans people as soon as they enter his servers, good advice
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this reads like SMS and 12 year olds
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Just close the thread before people digging the dirt deeper
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Thread closed.

PM me or any other mod to have it reopen if you have something constructive to say.
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