Hey :-D

I'm glad to announce our two new servers! INFIERNO and AVERNO. They are located in New York and are ready to be used!

INFIERNO is our public server, with a "beautifully chosen" map rotation that will keep you playing for hours. We garantee you will have a nice time without trolls, cheaters or any stuff alike so that your time is wisely invested.

connect ac.fel-clan 2222 (or find it in the masterserver list)

AVERNO is our glorious match server. Here you will be able to fight clan matches or inters without any problems. It's a fixed server, /autoteam 0, etc.
-"EndGame, can I have admin?" of course you can :-) just let us know and we'll talk about it. Unfortunatelly, as I keep forgetting things, you will have to create a post with some information about you (to keep a record and bear in mind your request).

connect ac.fel-clan 3333 match

Visit us and let us know how we can improve our servers. We will happily take all suggestions into account.

gl and hf

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gj :)
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Congratulations dud's!
Can you post some detailed informations about these servers please?
(Or by PM of course).
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sure, I'll let you know asap
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Thank you very much.
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