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ACWC List of servers
Demos can be found Here.

As well as fixing permission strings to not require an admin. When I set it up I figured whenever a game would happen a ref would be present and able to do all the voting. Seems like it isn't the case. It should be set up as a standard match server now.
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never mind this post I didn't see the above post about demos :)
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Updated on main page.
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RandumKiwi or Lucas

Can you check these servers to see if they can be used for ACWC. They're Sveark's servers and are located in Moscow. 5999 and 9999

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RK is setting up another US server, however it's not ready yet. Please use the others servers for now.
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Unless I get 1.2 binaries or whatnot, Olympia is now running 1.2 binaries, not ACWC binaries.
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