nisde420 billy bob ban
I have a friend (nisde420) who plays AC from time to time. Today he told me he was banned on billy bob's server. I think he mentioned he was called a hacker, tho that's not unusual, as he was a pro Wolfenstein player, with skills to match. I'm not saying anything but today we played some pub douze and he had about 90 kills and about 20 (!) deaths. Yeah, sounds ridiculous, but that's actually his skill level. I know he doesn't hack, and I can vouch for that, so I guess someone just saw the score and ASSUMED it was a hack.

I don't think he'd mind the ban so much, but seeing how there's about 2 to 4 pubs with at least some players on, taking away a server to play is a throwback of some magnitude.
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(16 Apr 13, 06:43PM)RKTnoob Wrote: ...

U should post here. Also more data is needed (like IP for example). Anyways on the bob ladder forum u have "ban appeal" section with instructions.
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