Blacklist abuse from "bugboy and jg99"
Okay so you tell me this is not "bribing"? I have to help bugboy get unbanned from "pro\/'s" server in order to not get blacklisted? And then I talk to jg99 on skype and he acts like nothing fucking happened? What the fuck ever.. i'm done with assaultcube.

[Image: 2ag3nd3.png]

Way to many uncalled for trolls on this game.. It's unnecessary to have to be bribed in order to not get blacklisted..

Had a long run in the past 2 years... Goodbye assaultcube..

You can post whatever the fuck you feel but remember I will not see the posts so please, can a admin deactivate my account or ban it?
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I still have no idea what you are on about.
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(19 Mar 13, 05:43AM)Nate_0976 Wrote: can a admin deactivate my account or ban it?
As you desire.
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THis screenshot clearly shows that he's still acting like immature (super-sensenitive) player.

I have more proofs that shows that he behaves in this way.

Admin now may closed this topic.

Screenshots provided on Requests.
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