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Hell YES! I missed you Llama
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My New Awesome Map
This is a map I made. I am not a noob whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I think nothing about the screenshot OR the map is noob. It is very professional.
Guaranteed this map will fill up a server in less than 5 min.


[Image: dvwh6TR.jpg]
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a map that fills up a servers doesnt make it ac_ worthy. Actually the best part about the SS is everything in it that everyone else created.
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this map should definitely be official ! However, I will refrain from voting
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The map's about as good as the poll.
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Trollin all over again™

lol expect more ...
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You could add some more Healthpacks over there. No thanks needed, always happy to help!
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And some floor textures on walls for a change, no need to thank me either.
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5 Star map. Don't listen to these guys. You can only ruin this jewel now.
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Teach me ur awesome skills oh mighty llama
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Ah, this map. Always loved playing baseball in ac. :3
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Girl look at those healthpacks.
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my eyes are have faller out
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Map is cool. :)
<3 sports based maps.

I did a golf map before. Kind of a messed up alpha version pic, but yeah.
[Image: d23fb09d00e644bab078acb.png]
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Brb making a fencing strip for knife-only :)
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I missed you Llama!
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These kinds of maps are the "Nascar" of AC maps.
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(15 Feb 13, 09:55PM)Boomhauer Wrote: These kinds of maps are the "Nascar" of AC maps.

Nice reference?
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I didn't find the "no". :/
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Couldn't find the "Kick X-Rated_Llama aka JB|JustinBieber" option.
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(16 Feb 13, 01:10AM)DES|Cleaner Wrote: Couldn't find the "Kick X-Rated_Llama aka JB|JustinBieber" option.

You remembered :D. How sweet of you.
Want me to bring back JB|JustinBieber?? I bet he has a lot of "new" maps to show everyone also!!
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