I create this topic to report known players who are using names of other players and clans.
I'll report with IP, screen photos and demos.
The purpose of this topic is here not only report, but discuss it.
So moderators, do not move or clos3 this topic. This is relevant to the community.

Ill Start with the player's bullet - oNe clan -
Follows confirmation by the warrior of light, Jamz

and http://forum.cubers.net/thread-1-post-11...#pid116542
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wait Jamz is a jedi?
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(08 Jan 13, 09:13PM)Sanzo Wrote: wait Jamz is a jedi?
<05:26:48> "Sanzouille": DUDE
<05:26:50> "Sanzouille": JAMZ
<05:26:54> "Sanzouille": IS OBIWAN KENOBI
<05:26:59> "Sanzouille": YOU HEARD IT FIRST
<05:27:03> "Sanzouille": HERE

#1 impersonator AUSAC
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Ah... since we're talking about impersonating.

[Image: iaza16315535963800.jpg]

And the |YOLO| problem still exists... snapped this bad boy a couple days ago...
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fake ss. my score is never this bad
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1v1 tournies with only xenons are needed to establish the true xenon
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(09 Jan 13, 01:18PM)Xenon Wrote: fake ss. my score is never this bad

That's actually not a fake ss... Took place on rc 9999 if I remember correctly.
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Report players here. If you want to discuss a certain report, PM a mod and we'll move the specific report to a new thread, no need to have more than one thread to do the same thing.
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