"Arena Of Battle 2013" map
Hi guys i make a new map with other skymap textures :D

Link for download : http://www.mediafire.com/?v0mc1x0twvoz7wq
Link For Preview : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRwSli-_ync

Thnx for seeing this :D
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Bouay! I'm worse than Judge Dredd when it comes to maps so if you don't wanna get hurt don't ask me what I think of this one!

I downloaded it only coz I was curious about the skymap, dunno from what other game you got it from but the resolution sucks, you also got sides mixed up...

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i though no one realize it that spot XD
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loooks like Blade Runner
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(30 Dec 12, 01:36AM)ONYX Wrote: Link For Preview : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRwSli-_ync

Earthquake during the record?
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well i tried to record it..it still fine. but when i record with zooming it..it shakes.
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Awesome. Just Awesome. Perhaps for the wrong reasons.
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Did Michael J. Fox do your preview video?
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This is why we don't have any new mappers, these days. The only thing you've criticized is the preview video. I'll give it a go.

I'll start off by saying, you've been a bit too ambitious with trying to create an environment that just can't be done nicely in the Cube engine. The helicopter looks awful, as you could expect. There is a mapmodel of one used on a map, though. (I've forgot which and I think it may be too high poly.)

I see you've gone for a red/blue texturing, to signify the team sides. Whilst this is ill advised, perhaps you should use the red/blue tiles instead if this is the affect you want to go for. I'd suggest though that you use the purple brick to signify the blue team, and the red brick for the red team. You could at least create a map that looks realistic with these textures. As for your central two buildings, you should probably use the gray brick if you're wanting to use box mapmodels to have the windows in. It tiles better, being a smaller texture.

You should never really be able to walk up against a skymap. Whilst you see this in some cases, you are usually walking on a wall. At least add a trim so the wall doesn't look like it slips off into the skymap.

Barrels. You may want to use less of them. They become an eye-sore. With the amount you've used, they just get in the way.

The walls that you've got in the centre of the map could do with being re-organized. Being on the outside, it leaves far too much of an open area. At least make a couple of paths here and there.

Don't put the flags in the trees.

The map is far too open in general. You need to use some full walls (F key) which reduced lag.

Hope that's good enough for you to go on. too tired to go into huge detail, but if you ever need help I'm on IRC often enough. (#Paradoxinfinity to be exact)
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Thanks SnooSnoo.In this case you can see ONYX did an effort. Its not a good map in the end, but with feedback like this mappers can improve.
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I like the music in the video - very dramatic! The map itself isn't that bad, nice job :).
Thanks for the thorough review, snoo.
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There is one thing new mappers should take a little time to read thoroughly before even hitting the 'e' key is this Map Design, even for fun maps this is very useful.
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Most noobs start mapping right away on some obscure coop server. Id say their first map is a good invite to show them the docs indeed.
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