Big forum
My idea is , make more foruns for this forum. See the model:


--- AC Development Blog
--- Replays
- Multiplayer Replays - Single-Player replays
--- Tutorials
--- Support
- Ask the staff
--- Sugestions and ideas

Mapping and Modding

--- Maps
--- Mods
- Skins - Models - Others


--- Discussions
--- Off-Topic
- Gaming chat - TV/Series chat - Music
--- Rapid thread
(like the Help forum , but rapid questions)

Clans and Orgs

---- Clans
- Oficial clans - Dead clans
---- Organizations
- Oficial Orgs - Dead orgs

And done! What do you all think about that?


[---] Forum
[--] Sub-Forum

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Might me a good idea too add some subforums but some of them already exist as website or as threads.

mapping and modding : Akimbo quadropolis

official clans and dead clans : Officials clans Retired clans

You can also find multiplayer replay in the blacklist thread and I have no idea what you mean about single player replay.
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