In which I steal a flag and outsmart my opponents

It's just like that one level in Raven Shield where you can't kill any guys, except that I am stealing a flag instead of bugging the phones and I totally stabbed that one guy on my way to the flag. But did you see that sweet move I pulled on that one guy? Totally bitchin.

Shoutout to B}evanzo23 cause he was totally there and he stabbed some guys too
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good effort, but not thread worthy!

people do this daily...
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lol that one guy is saying grenade?
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Many people have done that before. There used to be a thread in offtopic about it.
Decent flag-running though.
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Thats some flagging skills.
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My favourite part was the sound for the grenade explosions. And as Xen said, this stuff happens all the time. :|
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This never happens, they all lie. Nice vid <3
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(02 Dec 12, 02:29PM)Nightmare Wrote: This never happens, they all lie. Nice vid <3

the knife thing rarely... but headshot from behind kkkkk
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you'll be in the top 10 players of the week with that
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Flags, not frags, bruv.
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I'm there :DD
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woooooaaa you scored a flag !!! Thanx for share people will know how to do it now :p You're the best <3
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Instructive video (?) XD
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