Server biohazard and blacklisting
Hi all..

Been a long time since i posted here. My friends knows the reason why and the others not knowing it , well thats the way is is.

All i wanted to say, at this time, is that if there is a cheater on my server, DES|Biohazard, please send me a email on [email protected], post on Dedicated Elite Soldiers or tell us on irc Dedicated Elite Soldiers with time, date, partial IP (/whois <cn>) and name and i will add them to blacklist thread with proof (demo and log).

Im not reading anything on this forum anymore since there is to much injustice going on here and im not gonna be a part of that

Oh, before anyone screams about this; this is my server and my decision. Only DES members and friends can ask me to change my policy and blacklist entries. There is nothing personal about someone caught in a range-ban, if you are, just PM me via DES forum or use email listed above and we will fix it with a de-ban password.

Love OS.
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I moved this thread to maybe a more correct topic.

It was closed, but i do wanna have it open if someone has some constructive to say about this.

If this gets spammed or get of topic please close it again, but i do want to hear what the community says about the post - if there is anything to say.

Is there a problem with me not reading the forum as much so i can add full IP of cheaters from my server or is it okey that you can ask on irc, DES forum, PM via DES forum and/or AC forum?

Anyway, demos can be downloaded by anyone, partial IP is of course there and as soon as i get ftp or something like that set up 100% then all DES members and trusted friends can log onto server and get demo, logs, full ip and all the rest.
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