Server Admin Contact Thread
Server Name(s):
- oNe~Arena
- Log'n'Frag*oNe

Server Port(s):

Admins/Owner:DarKnoT is the owner admins are oNe players and thier friends!

Contact us @

Mod edit: Reverting past change. Soz
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Server Name: AssaultCandle
Server Ports: 28763:28764
Server IP: (DNS

Owner: Private_Ale
  • Private_Ale private_ale[(at)]
  • Afronaught afronaught[(at)]
  • RiZaGe rizage[(at)]

Contacts: Above and in Extended Server Info
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Server names: |Amp|_EC server
Admins: |Amp|_EC_00 and |Amp|_EC_01
00: [email protected]
01: [email protected]
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Server Names: "Emisarios de la Destruccion & Solo Gigabit" 2 servers 20 slots
Admins: [ED]Dade, [ED]Alex007, [ED]Sexoloco, [ED]Nanobot, [aCKa]PERROS, [aCKa]VallDigna.
Contact Us:
AC Spain
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• Server Name : =By3= Match Server #1 (1 & 2)
• Website :
• Admins : =By3= Clan & some clans
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Server Name: team.epic Match Server (10 slot)
Server Owner: epic.Jason
Admins: Jason, Larry, Blueprint and Benson.
Way To Contact Them: IRC or Forum
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Servers: Your mom's house
Owner: YMH|Fiz, YMH|PinkPanther, YMH|Angel(aka AngelOfMercy)
Admins: YMH|Fiz, YMH|PinkPanther, YMH|Angel(aka AngelOfMercy)
Contact: YMH|Fiz on irc (#ymh @ or quakenet)
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Server name: osok only
email me for admin pass at: [email protected]
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Server name(s): |FOX|Coop-edit servers #1, #2 and #3
Ports: 28763; 28765; 28767
Admins: |FOX| Clan
Email me: [email protected]
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|C| Clan Servers or hosted by |C| Clan Admin:

|C| Clan Server- > up sometimes
| $ AM | Clan Server- > up almost 24/7

C Clan Info:
website :

Mod edit: I replaced your LAN IP with your current public IP, although you have a static IP which could be anything in 72.161.60.x. IDK why you put it as the IP of your clan website though, so I deleted it. HTH
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Server name: DES|Biohazard
Connect: /connect (
Server owner: DES|OpenSource
Admin: DES, TyD, BC, BoB and 40+, BC server share.
Contact: DES clan IRC ( ), DES forum (, AC forum, in-game or at xpubuntu [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

AssaultCube Gaming Addiction Clinic | Dedicated Elite Soldiers
AssaultCube - Forum - Profile of DES|OpenSource
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Server Name: [FREAK] Public Server ; [FREAK] Match Server
Connects : match ( DNS )
Server Admins: KleS, Sonic, Eclipse, XaR, Ch0wW, aloz24 & Kriisis
Server Owner: [FREAK]_Ch0wW
Our forum :
How to contact me ? Skype : haed17
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AssaultCubers Argentinos Clan servers
Servers names: *|ARG|* Zonda - *|ARG|* Sudestada - *|ARG|* Pampero - *|ARG|* Gaucho - *|ARG|* Mate - *|ARG|* Shevesha (Match) - *|ARG|* Riachuelo (Match) - *|ARG|* coopedit.
Admins: Clan Members and friends.
Contact: Nativo - [email protected] / WalRuS10 - [email protected]

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Server Names:
[aCKa]Ebisha - connect
[aCKa]Spain - 8020
[aCKa]Meeting - 8040
[aCKa]Rainbow - 8030

Server Owner: [aCKa]PERROS

Server Admins: [aCKa] Members

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Please remove entry from the links list; this is the current server.

Server: 24/7 T/OSOK 2012
24/7 T/OSOK 2020
Contact: ; Jack-is at Quakenet and Gamesurge

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Server Names:
Gema Server []

Server Owner: nikkE|PWNAGE|

Server Admins: nikkE|PWNAGE| , daswer

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All of the .rG} servers

Owner = .rG}Duckett (me)

Admins = .rG}Duckett & .rG}W!N7G!R7

Contact = [email protected], website
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See OP.
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Server Name:

Admins: eQ.|MaiMeeTur, eQ.|VenteX

Way To Contact Them: Gamesurge IRC #eq-clan, or
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Belizean Elite UK SERVER
Owned by me.
I, the rest of BZE| as well as some random French dude who's name I can't remember are the admins.
Contact me at or [email protected]
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Can you take the AMP, & .rG} servers off please?
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[Image: 8897326.png]
Server Name: Serveur Xtrem $oldiers
Owner: -X$-Snifer[FR], -X$
Admins: -X$- Clan
Contact: Wiki: Msn: [email protected] Skype: xtremsoldiers
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When he said owner, he meant of the servers, not the clan.
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Actually, i didn't. :P
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Server Name : Bugboy1028's Custom maps Server
Owner: Bugboy1028
Admins : Bugboy1028's trusted friends
Contact: See below
  • AIM: Bugboy1028
  • IRC: IRCStorm, PurpleSurge, GameSurge, MisterRadio, EFNet, AssaultCube IRC
  • MSN: Bugboystar [AT] live [DOT] com
  • Yahoo: Ask me for it ( It's contains my last name )
  • Gmail : [email protected]
  • Facebook : Ask me for it
  • Private Messages in this Forum
  • Form input coming soon
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Server Name: legacy.terminus Match Server (8 slot)
Connect: 9999 match
Server Owner: legacy.Jason
Admins: legacy team and friends.
Way To Contact Them: IRC or Website

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[FR] Serveur France HD 7/24
[email protected]
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Server name: {oph} old people's home community-Server (24/7 - 12 slot)
Connect: /connect or
Server owner: {oph}baemz|GER
Admin: {oph} clan
Contact: - [email protected]
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why isnt ExR up there ?
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