3 months long ...
What is 3 months waiting for something?

Yes it's boring, it's long, long, really long .....

Because of this damn Cheater myself that I reported that possessed the same line that my ip, Result = I'M BANNED :)
It's not easy to live in a country that 90% of players use their cheaters, This is Brazil, The country that nobody wants to raise the defeat, think everything falls from the sky, always expect a jerk create a hack to use because there is capable of winning and not having the courage to accept defeat.
The only thing I can say is my country ....

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This isn't twitter.
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uhh asked for an unban password yet? if you indeed are affected by a rangeban.
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I PM'd you a possible solution and you chose to ignore me. If you wish to try what I asked, PM me again.
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it's only your fucking fault for being a good samaritan. you betrayed your people and their wrath was felt. deal.
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Lol'd ^

Srsly, just ask for an debar pass...
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(01 Oct 12, 06:30PM)NaNuy Wrote: The only thing I can say is my country ....


No, Brazil isn't a cheat, you is a cheater.

Cheetos for you
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