"Elite" forum.
Hello, this thread is opened for giving whoever is responsible, an opportunity to tell us, the forum users, who has access to that beautiful "elite" forum.
It is also for people to complain, discuss, and post whatever they want to post, in the matter of said forum.
I, personally, like the idea, but I think keeping secrecy about who has been given access is a bit ridiculous.
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i have no access........

didnt even know it existed though :)
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I have access. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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I did not know it existed either :)
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It isn't really an elite forum lol
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(22 Sep 12, 12:09PM)Marti Wrote: i have no access........

didnt even know it existed though :)
I only knew cause later posts in this thread:
Thats why ask for transparency, a public list of the players with access should be made accessible, IMO.

@Edward, read the first post, I just want a list of the players with access!
PM sent.

@Vanq, thus the "", but, Ill save my opinion until I see the list Im asking for!
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Well, I have asked publicly and privately for a stupid list...
Its either some are ashamed about it (or would be if made public), or that its me who is asking, or I dont know why, but, I promise it isnt a difficult question to answer.
When something is made secret, its either it being a surprise, or that something is amiss or that they just don´t really give a fuck (which would be satirical, seeing as this is for "improving" AC).

Why wouldnt "I" tell my parents "I"m pregnant?
Either "I" dont care about them.
Or "I" am scared of their reaction.
Or "I" want it to be a surprise.

Cmon mothertruckers guys, show some balls and make it public!

EDIT: Im ashamed Edward hasnt got access, I rly though he had, XD (Im a nab XD)
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Edward isn't a member of the forum :>

To clarify some stuff.

The Proving Grounds is a collection of boards to discuss several different things that get discussed out here. There is around 30 people who have access to this along with the moderators and devs. The forum was created to allow an easier way for devs to communicate and interact with the community. People who have access to this forum are generally people who the devs think can contribute in a positive way. These people have generally been around for awhile (although there are newbies), they know generally what AC is going for (ie they don't suggest massive changes to make it more like COD or CS), or they have some sort of specialty.

I've seen some posts that this might unintentionally reward bad behavior. These seem to stem from the fact that we have included Undead. Undead actually knows a lot more about the game than many other people, he has been around for awhile, he is a good and experienced mapper, and he is a good player. The fact that he "misbehaves" is small compared to the fact that he can contribute.

That being said, the Proving Grounds was made to prevent offtopic discussions, and to encourage good behavior/working well with others.

Some reasons why the forum was not made public was that it is new. It is an experiment and will change as it evolves. Some content on there is not public-safe, like a discussion on exploits to be fixed in future versions of the game. Nothing in these forums is completely new (yet), everything has been mentioned before, its just that it makes it so good ideas get weeded out from the bad ones.

Most of the discussion happening on the PG right now is about maps, with some good discussion on balance.

As this isn't my undertaking, I'm not sure why a list of names hasn't been released. But I assume it is because it isn't super important to make it succeed.
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Thanks for clarifying RR, v63.

For everybody else involved, make a list so we can rage at the "non elite" forums about who was chosen and not.
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Why is a list of people with access so important?
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Because he wants attention that's all. It isn't necessary at all, I honestly feel he wants the list to annoy the people with PMs with questions of what's going on there.
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[Image: nsDFFl.png]
Edit: A list is important so we get to know who is elite and who is not, once and for all.
^Not true, maybe to see who gets attention, and maybe, even suggest new incorporations.
Edit: a wall of text to represent my feelings isnt baneable. Think of it like a picture, which takes as much space. Thanks for contributing so much to the thread SKB.That gave me an idea...
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inb4 ban


Opening that section would lower signal to noise ratio. Which is pretty low regardless, to my mind. Listing the forums, would just make people whine how they can't post there, how people are elitist scum. It's better off for everyone if it stays private.
(also, I believe this whole thread should be erased from existence)
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Im not complaining and I think it might be a good idea, I just want to see who has access to form my own opinion of what it really is.
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They are not "Elite" they just know the game much better than many of us, some of they are great players also, what's the point of having a discussion about something we don't know?

Such as coding or mapping or god know what else they do.
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Quote:a wall of text to represent my feelings isnt baneable
Except the way you originally expressed your feelings was worth warning points, which (after a while) leads to what? A ban.
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I am the 99%... in assault cube..

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I will keep my point which is built around what is the difference on making it public or not. Now that a lot of forum users know about this, why not saying who has access or not?
Would it hurt to make it public?
It seems so, cause if undead being a member made people complaint, imagine with the full list!
So, that would mean someone is somehow ashamed or discouraged of making the list public, which means its not really been made for what it is, but to perpetuate an "elite" class amongst the AC users, with privileges over other many players who would deserve as much or even more "attention" and understanding.
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First post by Paul - Today, 03:47AM

by 10:20AM "Well, I have asked publicly and privately for a stupid list..."

next rage: Today, 11:33AM

gg, Paul, gg

There is more team work behind the scenes then you're realizing. If a list is to be made public, i'm sure some private discussion needs to be made about the subject, which hasn't happened because everyone was sleeping! :P
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Dude, its not "Elite". Its "We want to hear what you have to say".

This isn't a country. You as a player don't have rights. You can take what you are given, or you can leave. I'm getting the sense that you feel entitled to this "list", which no matter what it is, you aren't entitled to it.

Request received, it will be considered.

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Just to quick add in, and as RR said, it is not an elite forum but rather a forum for only a certain amount of players we know won't spam and can actually manage to stay on topic. That was the whole point because obviously opening a discussion thread into the public forums winds up off topic by the second page and many posts constantly being deleted. We are taking out that variable.
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There is a secret forum. It's for making posts laughing about noob spammers like paulmuaddibKA.
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I know this thread is closed, but I wanted to add some points to it:

The proving grounds are an experiment. We may add some, we may make it public (every registered user could get read permission) or we may shut it down. We will see if all of it works out or not.
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