why Problem in List ?
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Same answer as this: http://forum.cubers.net/thread-5797-post...#pid107617 and this: http://forum.cubers.net/thread-5797-post...#pid107705
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alexandree/#An0niMe/^[email protected]^D/whatever you wish to call yourself, please answer me one question. Do you let the well-known cheat, Jv (aka ReN|EGADOS or ReN|Renegados at the moment), play on your IP address? If you do, that's why your IP addresses are being banned. It's quite simple; tell the cheat to go away. If he's your friend/relative, my sympathies.
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No need to be nice jamz, he knows well the reason of the ban, I replied to his other posts in portuguese, I pm'ed the guy explaning and this "Why me ban?" posts keep coming. Enough is enough! I just warned him and yet againg told him the reason of the ban. If he continues with this shit the bamhammer will come from him in the forums too.
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