I would like to make an appeal
Since 2009-12-31 I have been listed on the TyD blacklist. I did a very stupid thing purely 'for the crack' and I have since immediately afterwards been the first to admit that. I believe I have served my time and am no longer a danger to the community. In fact I've always known this, but only now have I been that bothered to set things straight. The fact is it's a pretty demoralising feeling to see the words 'you have been blacklisted on this server' for a single act of stupidity done in boredom. Yes, I, even I, am capable of stupidity on very rare occasions.

I offer my sincerest apologies and I hope that this is enough for the maintainer of the blacklist to have mercy upon me and remove me from it out of their fathomless goodness of their heart.
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appeal at forum.tearyoudown.com!
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I like the fact you wrote sincerest in pink.
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(04 Sep 12, 03:31AM)Jg99 Wrote: appeal at forum.tearyoudown.com!
The hell with that, I'd have to make an account.

EDIT: despite what I said I've given it a go thrice and each time I've received the message can't open file on the webpage http://forum.tearyoudown.com/member.php

(04 Sep 12, 03:32AM)#M|A#Wolf Wrote: I like the fact you wrote sincerest in pink.
I was thinking of the lines of it makes the word sincere look more sincere, but looking back now after reading what you said, Wolf, I think it's doing the opposite.
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I posted for you :)

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He should do it himself if they want to consider it.
Kind of you, though, jg.
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Thanks man, that's real kind of you. I did try making an account to post with as I said though, I'm not quite that lazy :P
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This doesn't belong here, as posted above. The attitude "The hell with that," doesn't seem like you care to much, either way this is not an AC issue you need to contact TyD. Closed.
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