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ACWC 2012 Thanks
ACWC 2012 is brought to you by many people...

Waffles, @cid, kaz, Newbie, rofl

ACWC TV and Media
Waffles, Aekom, Marti, Takkunen, Undead, Jason, Vanqu!sh, lucky
the_andyman, Pweaks, Harrek, Bullet

BigBen, rofl

General Help
Aftershock Gaming, jamz, Ronald_Reagan, rofl

and everyone who played and watched!
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Thanks :)
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Thanks for this well-organized tournament.
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GG's to every team. WD to France for winning.
I look forward to next years tournament! :>
Thanks to the admin team for everything.
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Well done France, Australia and Germany! Thanks to the ACWC staff! :)
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Thanks a ton!
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