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ACWC coverage
If you're interested in following the AssaultCube World cup (hereon after referred to as ACWC) this year:
- visit and watch the livestream when its on, and when its off you can always watch the replays.
- join #ACtv on GameSurge IRC and converse while the streams going on.
- visit (ACWC news site, ran by the_andyman, send him regards) for updates on the world cup while its going on, match times, and news articles.
- of course, you can always visit (ACWC forum), but the other avenues are easier to follow.
- additionally, ill be updating match times in this thread with VOD links.

How can I, a lowly AC community member, help ACTV?
By watching the streams, supporting your favorite countries, and getting involved! Additionally, we are in need of a coder to create a client to make AC more enjoyable to watch. If you are a great guy and experienced in playing with AC and C++, message me (Undead) @ #one-chat on GameSurge.

ACWC 2012 Complete Bracket
[Image: l9gkU.png]

ACWC Round 1 Results/VODs:

ACWC Quarter Finals Results/VODS:

ACWC Semi Finals Results/VODS:

ACWC Grand Final and Third Place:

Third Place Playoff
Germany vs Yugoslavia
Match Thread:

France vs Australia
Date: Saturday 4/8/12 1pm GMT ||
Match Thread:

ACTV world cup coverage team
- Takkunen (streamer and caster)
- Aekom (streamer)
- Undead (caster and organizer)
- Vanquish (caster)
- Waffles (caster)
- Harrek (caster)
- BULL3T (caster)
- the_andyman (reporter)
- Pweaks (reporter)
- anyone else who puts their hand up

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Good post, ty for the info.
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Yo. Ill cast if needed.
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hell yeah
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what's with the shit taste in music?
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UK vs Belgium was fantastic. Gj, well played to both teams, especially Belgium. Even though they didn't have Dam and played with a weaker lineup they still pulled it out of the bag. If anyone didn't see that game, really they missed out!
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(04 Jul 12, 10:31PM)Habluka Wrote: what's with the shit taste in music?

What's wrong with Chase n Status?
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Belgium were by far the better side in terms of coordination and it's nice to see although they were somewhat weak fraggers how their tactical play made up for it and then a bit more.
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holey shit excellent work with the pre-game stuff. Looks really professional, gj guys.
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ESL aint got shit on this. +1
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Vanquish, y u no play?!
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Undead, doing something helpful for AC? Well, this is a first, quick everyone take notice while it lasts!

But, seriously.. Gj, if you for some reason need a commentator, give me a call.
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Good job guys. :)
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(05 Jul 12, 02:28AM)lucky Wrote: ESL aint got shit on this. +1

^this. made me laugh so hard :D

Gj Undead, Nice thread and the last game was nicely commentated by you and Vanq, keep it going.
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I had offered my casting services. Undead hates my voice though so Vanq did it. Oh well im a backup and get special privileges :>
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To be honest, I only commentated that match because Undead picked me. I'm happy either to do or not do it again, if I had known you had wanted to commentate in my place I would have stepped aside. However I just feel lucky I was able to watch that match in person rather than through a stream (although I watched the stream after as well and it was very good).

I also think Undead's contribution to this ACWC is fantastic, he actually stayed up all night with no sleep purely so there would be someone to commentate, as well as helping multiple people set up streams so that more matches can be shown in the future. give the general a medal

EDIT: sorry didn't see this

(05 Jul 12, 12:34PM)Nightmare Wrote:
(05 Jul 12, 03:07AM)Nightmare Wrote: Vanquish, y u no play?!
a) I didn't want to, desert3 is one of my worst maps
b) Undead needed a second commentator
c) I'd backed out of the UK team for personal reasons two days before, and was readded two hours prior to the match, thus I hadn't been able to train as extensively for the match, so I didn't play. (bearing in mind even if I had trained, desert3 is still not one of my strong maps so I wouldn't have played).
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(05 Jul 12, 03:07AM)Nightmare Wrote: Vanquish, y u no play?!

I like Portugal for the upset if France gets stuck with a mix of starters & bench players from different clans. :3
Of course I'm losing my gambling money on acwc already so nobody should even look at my crazy picks.
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I'm impressed. Great stream / commentating to go along with a classic match. Great way to kick off Round 1!
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Nah its cool Vanq. I dont care if i cast or not. long as i get to watch lol
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First of all I would like to thanks you for all the work you have done.
But could I suggest you some ideas about how to improve the stream?

Since spectators are not allowed during the matches, the stream is the only way to follow matches.
So I have two questions :
1) Is it possible to improve the quality? Because when players are moving the quality is really bad.
2) Is it possible to show scores? Like that :
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Wow nice job everyone, thanks to hosts, casters, players, etc...
But I have one suggestion, change the name to Assault Cube Assault Rifle World Cup, thanks.
Edit: lol so many people watching this!
[Image: AEw0nl.jpg]
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@Edward With ac as it is, i can stream at 720p which will be better graphical quality but the stream will be jittery and may have some fps lagg, where as if i stream at 480p the fps will be smooth and next to no jitter or fps lagg but the game will be a little grainy. To minimize the graininess it's best to view it at a 480p resolution, if watching full screen in 720 or a 1080+ it will get worse, but it's still watchable imo. That's just AC though, i can stream other games like sc2, WoW and diablo at 720 and have no fps lagg or frame drops.

I'll look into getting score consistently present though, that much i can do for you :)

Any other input about stream quality and/or improvements please comment on or msg me and any other streamer, please.
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(04 Jul 12, 06:28PM)Undead Wrote: - visit (ACWC news site, ran by the_andyman, send him regards) for updates on the world cup while its going on, match times, and news articles.
Nice work on the site!

Quality casting, per usual.
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The site is really nice, good job to the team of Backrow AC :)
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Website is cool ! Well done
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Nice job !
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tonight is gonna be my first stream probably so plz dont hate me for my (probably) big fail stream :D
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Go Marti<3
its live now
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3 matches on Sunday, Australia vs Italy, Finland vs North Africa, and Poland vs Middle East.
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