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ACWC coverage
The game will be tonight, at 8pm GMT, with Aekom streaming.
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if you arnt sure what that time is for you:
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Fra vs Ger right now :
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GG, poor Horus was let down :'(
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It's funny that all the game so far have been settled with the first map (as indicated on the tree with the small blue 1 to the top-right of each game).
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Depot is gonna be crazy .
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yeah 0-0 --"
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So when is the big match going down?
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Only 1 reply in the final match's thread.
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final is at:
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Will there be a stream?
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I've been asked to stream this one on Saturday 1PM GMT. I can understand why they picked this time, but this'll mean most yanks will have to stay up if they plan to watch it live.

EDIT: or just get up really early :p
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It's breakfast time for U.S :3
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For what I gather, for me, in Quebec (EST?) its at 9 am on Saturday, which I find just about right for having a good breakfast of beer and marihuana while watching they tie in depot and amaze me in power, or so I hope!
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(02 Aug 12, 07:05PM)Nightmare Wrote: It's breakfast time for U.S :3

Quite right...I must mean the west coast peeps.
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For anyone not fully following ACWC, the final is today (Saturday 4) 1pm GMT. It's winner takes all since this is single elimination. Both France A and Australia have very strong lineups but quite different play styles.

Last year France won and they've had one of the most conistently high-skill teams for over a year. Australia have good experience competing in all four previous ACWC events but have only made it to the finals once before (in 2009) where they lost to Germany.

On ac_depot I think you'll see some attacks from both sides but probably without taking huge risks. Since the map is very closed (only two ways) I'd expect that it will be drawn 0-0 and proceed to ac_power. This is a map that has many ways, many strategies and is really hard to categorise which I think will make it all the better to watch. If by some chance the match is tied after that ac_gothic will be played, a favourite of France but a map Australia are not weak at.

Who will play for each team? I can only speculate, but I'd expect Harrek, ech0, Reedie and Honor to be present at the least for France. Australia will have Undead, Xenon and Vermi I'd expect.

Catch the game at 1pm GMT with - live stream
#actv on GameSurge - discussion and info before, during and after the game
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inb4 all three go tunnel.
Good job with the tournament. :)
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I think it'll be decided on depot
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CLA will win :)
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Ill be waking up at 8 to buy beer, so dont disappoint me guys and tie depot!
Thanks to EVERYONE for making this possible!
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(04 Aug 12, 02:08AM)Vermi Wrote: I think it'll be decided on depot

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Rogue admin kicks Xenon twice during game 1, once while he was in their base. France leads 1-0 going into game 2.

Seems Legit.
[Image: 0116e3f768334c769ace03b.png]

France wins 1-0. Some Say Reedie was on TS. :p

GG's <3
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We were on ts but with our mic muted.

When the troll kick Xenon we dropped the flag.

France win gg
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Reedie was using the ACWC client which would only allow him to either stay spawned in their own base or view his teammates positions. I don't think there's much useful information he could provide even if he was speaking (which there is no proof of to my knowledge).

We're investigating a player that used admin on the oNe server to ban Xenon twice. It had been my plan to change the admin password before the match but didn't get there before the start of the game so I hadn't done it. When Xenon was banned I logged in to SSH and changed the password but there is some latency before the change takes affect and a second attack was possible. The teams tried to play on as best they could, there is some uncertainty how these attacks affected the game but overall I think it probably didn't change the result.

I recommand future tournament runners protect against this by changing admin passwords before any major games. My apologies to everyone about this.

We have a very good lead on who did it.
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cbl his ass :D
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Despite all this, congratulations to France A for taking first place. Australia for second. And Germany for third.

Awards will be posted soon. :)

For those interested:

[] client connected
[] referee logged in using the admin password in line 10, AC: 1104|840
[] set role of player referee to admin
[x.x.x.x] Fra|Reedie says to team RVSF-SPECT: 'cn 8, who are u ?'
[x.x.x.x] Fra|Sanzo'' fragged UNDEAD+AUS+
[x.x.x.x] +AUS+XENOON fragged Fra|Sanzo''
[x.x.x.x] Fra|ech0 stole the flag
[] client referee called a vote: ban player +AUS+XENOON, reason: lagger
[x.x.x.x] disconnecting client +AUS+XENOON (vote-banned from the server) cn 0, 2431 seconds played, score saved

His IP changes but always resides in the range 74.115.x.x. He also connected with this IP:

jamz can you help us out at all?
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Sorry I'm late on this.
I'll say it again, but I've said it a dozen times in the past: is the most widely abused proxy range. If you're not banning it you're going to have a bad time. is a hosting IP, so it's probably a proxy too.

He tried to throw me off by only using the name 'Plenas' on his real IP, but if he also used, it was almost certainly Jorik.
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(06 Aug 12, 09:23AM)jamz Wrote: it was almost certainly Jorik.

Lol what a moron, he thought he could get away with it.
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Yes, the same person also attempted to login with We have some other evidence to suggest it was Jorik too so this leaves little doubt in my mind it was him.

I won't bother taking any action since what's done is done but future tournament runners should change passwords before major games (sorry we didn't) and also consider whether they want Jorik to play. I'd also suggest MyS drop him from their squads.
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