Checking Private Messages
During my most recent forum ban, I noticed that if you login, it shows whether or not you have unread private messages, but you don't have the option to check them. I can understand why you shouldn't be able to send them if you are banned, but I think that you should be able to check them at least as they can potentially be messages from the mods concerning your ban. If you can make this slight change, I would love you forever and ever. <3

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It's funny you should say this, because I have wanted to PM banned users on a couple of occasions, but realised the futility immediately.
I've made the change, in that I've allowed access to the private messaging system, but not allowed sending. It doesn't specifically state that the user can receive PMs, but I'd guess that's what it means.
If anyone thinks this is wrong, please say why...
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And if you want to be a guinea pig to see if this works as it should, we would be glad to perma ban you.

Unbanning optional on my discretion.
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Ill trial it, as long as you unban me afterwards..
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He was pointing his\her inflated e-dick\clit at habluka.
for some reason the rules dont apply to mods.
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If you can point out which rules RR broke in his post here I'd be happy to dish out an appropriate consequence.

As far as I can tell, you broke more rules than him with your post.
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care to hazard a guess as to what rule he is breaking?

@Jamz - I dont believe you want banned users having access to any functions of this board. You could just email them (messages from the mods concerning your ban) for what it would gain, I dont know.

Sorry Habluka, Im sure your intentions are above board right -_-
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Well the link Bukz gave highlights "Be civil"... my 2 cents.
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