Hacker on tyd ladder fairfax
We vote banned him from the server http://imgur.com/Ipw2u,b7nxK,evJu5,ksvTr,BxRJU some screens And i made a mistake and got the wrong demo i will try and check the {TyD} logs and see if i can fix anything but let me know if the screens arent enough
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Any type of cheating/hacking will need to be supported with a demo. Try and contact the server's owner.
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I forgot to take the demo too :(
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(19 Jun 12, 10:34PM)Medusa Wrote:
// Name: rty
// Ban date: 19 june 2012
// Server: all
// Ban reason: aimbot, wallhack etc
// Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/?5dfz93umphmxo9m
rty is already blacklisted here and here
imevan and rty are both in the same demo
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{F.B.I}4nj!nh0 hacker Aimbot
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(31 Jul 12, 03:37PM)|OveR!N!k3 Wrote: {F.B.I}4nj!nh0 hacker Aimbot

Nice grave dig. Make a blacklist report with actual proof such as a demo and an ip.
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